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The new book in the Spells and Scales series

Months have passed since they were together. Yosef has gone back to his job at Delectable Bites, waiting for the day Ayako returns to him. The half dragon is at the Dragon’s Spine learning how to control her newly woken dragon’s ability.

After Yosef’s old friend hires them, they find themselves on a quest. A mysterious tree has appeared near the seaside town of Oceania. But they have little to go on and no idea what they might face.
With blossoming powers she barely understands and an attack that still haunts her, Ayako needs to face what she fears in order to grow. Yosef’s love for Ayako still takes him by surprise. He worries about dragging her into the unknown and his ability to keep her safe.

The adventure will change them both and secrets will be revealed.

Out March 19th

The Ghosts in the Glades – Decadent Publishing

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The Firestones is the continuing story of Simone LeBeau, a character first introduced in Heartless and her backstory told in The Escape. Her upbringing has been left than perfect, her father abusive and the world unfair for those of the fairer sex. She’s never been one to bow to the conventions of her sex. Originally the story was told by her point of view alone. In The Firestones she shares the stage with Richard Collins, otherwise known as the boy with the clockwork legs. Their relationship is complicated, almost antagonist in Heartless. He believes she takes unnecessary risks and she thinks he’s trying to control and ground her. Simone thrives in her job as a messenger for the Hermes Guild, she travels over the rooftops and finds a freedom there. By the end of Heartless they are working together and The Firestones is their first real case as a detective duo.

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Simone LeBeau has done many things in her eventful life, but she never pictured the day she would end up working with Richard Collins. The former messenger has been a constant thorn in her side, but when he offers her a job she can’t refuse.

After they are hired to find out who poisoned Lord Basil Blackstone, they must find out if the crime is linked to the Firestones of Akbar, taken by the Blackstones during their last trip to Egypt. Simone and Richard are thrust into a world of cults and impending doom.

Demons don’t exist, do they?

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A New Week

It’s Monday. The beginning of a new week, with a new set of goals to achieve. The release of The Firestones crashed and burned. The longest novel I’ve ever written and no-one appears to what to read it. Does it hurt? Yes. Will it have repercussions on future stories? Yes. Does it mean that I’m going to give up? No, of course not. I’m been writing for more than half of my life. I can’t give up writing, the mere thought boggles my mind. The idea physically hurts.

I’m apart of a writer’s group on Facebook and I posted a pity post. You feel bad about something, speaking about it gives it less power. For someone who suffers from depression and anxiety, it’s ill advised to keep your darkness thoughts to yourself. It’s destructive. Writing is a very solidary act. It’s nice to be able to talk to others who have gone through it themselves.

I’ve brushed myself off and I’m back at my keyboard. I’ve got edits to do and stories to write. The Firestones release might not have gone to plan but that doesn’t mean the next one or the next will suffer the same fate.


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Welcome back to the world of Simone LeBeau.

Simone LeBeau has done many things in her eventful life, but she never pictured the day she would end up working with Richard Collins. The former messenger has been a constant thorn in her side, but when he offers her a job she can’t refuse. 

After they are hired to find out who poisoned Lord Basil Blackstone, they must find out if the crime is linked to the Firestones of Akbar, taken by the Blackstones during their last trip to Egypt. Simone and Richard are thrust into a world of cults and impending doom. 

Demons don’t exist, do they?

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I’ve been a fan of the MCU when it started with Ironman. My collection of graphic novels started with Spider-Man and spanned from X-Men all the way to Batman. Across the great divide. Still my only real experiences with Scarlett Witch and Vision were through the films. Theirs was a love story which became the heart of the MCU, ending tragically as Vision died, not once but twice.

It left a lot of fans wondering how the character will return in the new series.

The first show in the live action series is something completely out of this world. Black and white for the majority of the first two episodes, except for bright red in key scenes. It raises a million questions, like what the hell is exactly going on? I watched a YouTube channel who said the two episodes worked as set up and I would have to agree. We’re introduced to a pregnancy, a mysterious man appearing from a manhole cover, time reversal and a voice asking Wanda, whose doing this to you?

It reminded me a lot of the original BeWitched and these episodes were filmed in front of a live audience. I’m not sure if that’s something which carries on for the remainder of the season.

I have to admit neither of these actors, Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, struck me as funny in the MCU but the series proves the actors possess great comedemic talent. One scene of note, Vision and Wanda are taking part in a talent show, but Vision has gum stuck in his gears and Wanda has to save the show. This setup wouldn’t be out of place in series like I dream for Jeannie. The acting is delightfully over the top and you get the impression that some of the townsfolks suspect something is wrong, but don’t know what.

Characters of note are Dottie played by Emma Caulfield and Agness portrayed by Kathryn Hahn. Agness possibly Agatha Harkness, a powerful witch/magic user in the comics.

So far it’s a sixties sitcom with touches of mystery, but the ending of the second episode the world is flooded with rich, vibrant colour. It’ll be interesting to see where the series will go from here. It does run the risk of losing viewers who aren’t invested in the characters. My partner walked out within minutes but I’ll be staying to see how it plays out.



It’s been one hell of a week and there’s still one day left. The attempted coup in the US, which frightened and angered a lot of my friends. The rising cases of Coronavirus in the UK, which has led the Mayor Sadiq Khan issuing a state of emergency. I’m pretty sure my town hasn’t got the memo. My work was busy today, more than half the car park was full. I’m running on five hours sleep, maybe that’s why I’m finding it hard to deal with it.

At least a majority of them wore masks. Maybe that’s why they feel safe enough to travel outside of the home.

On less pandemic/doom and gloom news.

I’m in the middle of writing Spells and Scales #3. The first in the series was released August of last year. I know writers shouldn’t have favorites but this is definitely one of mine. Don’t tell the others.

I’ve done the first round of edits for its sequel and I can’t wait to see the cover for The Ghosts in the Glade.

Have you had a chance to read the first one?



I didn’t make much in the way of resolutions last year. For one I’ve never been able to keep them, so why make promises to myself? Also 2020 was a dumpster fire, anything I managed to accomplish surprised even me. I’m a keyworker ( petrol station) so I worked my days and got depressed at the sight of so many people on the road. It has died down since we went into Tier 4 but you still have people come in without masks and calling it a hoax. It boggles the mind, it really does.

What I accomplished.

I read books by Sarra Cannon, Brandon Sanderson and Neil Shusterman.

I wrote books. Some are rereleases but others are completely original. Two came out in 2020 and I have three releases planned for 2021.

I moved house and gained an office. (That’s particularly awesome)

My family has been safe. As far as I’m aware none of us have had it. Everyone I know has followed the rules but with infection rates rising all I can think of it’s a matter of time. We’ve been lucky. That’s not going to last, all it takes is one person whose infected but still goes out for whatever reason for our luck to change. I wish we could just stay in our houses.

Sorry went off on a tangent there.

Am I going to make resolutions for this year? No. I’m going to look after my family, read and write. One day this will be over, I just hope the world changes with it.



A killer stalks the streets.
Simone LeBeau is fearless. A messenger for the Hermes Guild, she travels via the rooftops delivering letters and parcels with the grace of a freed bird. A guardian to a small orphaned girl, Simone does what she must do to survive in a world where the citizens of Dark Town are being murdered by a killer called the Heart Thief.

She is caught up in a situation she can’t control.
The Heart Thief murders a woman a few feet away from Simone’s front door. No one else seems interested in finding justice for her or any of the other victims. But what happens when the killer turns his attention to someone close to Simone?

Heartless (A Guild Story Book 1) eBook: Allard, Samantha: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store

Heartless (A Guild Story Book 1) – Kindle edition by Allard, Samantha. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

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Not So Bleak Winter by Sheri Velarde

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The weather outside is not so delightful which makes it the perfect time to curl up with a Christmas story and a glass of wine.

Link: mybook.to/NotSoBleakWinter

Price:  .99 cents


Some Christmas surprises change everything.

Getting ready for a quiet Christmas as the vet on call, Rick got the surprise of a lifetime when a gorgeous woman appeared in his office with a bleeding deer in her arms. Not only is he able to learn about a world that he never knew existed, but maybe he is about to experience a Christmas miracle of his very own.


With only five minutes until closing, he was in back cleaning when he heard the bell on the door ring. A frantic feminine voice called out, “Is someone here? I need help! Help!”

Rushing out, Rick saw the woman cradling a small deer in her arms as she sat on the floor. In just a few moments, a pool of blood had already formed and started to spread on the stark white tiles. For a moment, he wondered at how such a small woman could have carried a deer inside without help, but then he figured panic could cause endorphins to kick in. “What has happened? Was it hit by a car?” Rick knelt down to examine the animal.

“No, she was shot. Some bastard shot her, even though it’s way past hunting season. Plus, she was on my land to begin with,” the woman said, tears streaming down her face even as anger entered her voice.

Changing his approach to search for a gunshot, Rick got the shock of a lifetime when the deer seemed to yell, “Ouch!”

He had touched the wound and was checking for an exit wound when he stopped shocked. Then he shook his head; he must be hearing things. Getting back to work, he gently felt beneath the poor animal, and there he found the exit hole. “The bullet passed through. That’s good news. If I can get the bleeding stopped, then I can stitch her up, and she should be fine. I need to get her back to the operating room. I can handle it from here.” He picked the deer up and stood.

“I’m staying while you operate. I need to know that she will be fine,” the woman said, also standing and moving with him. “Besides, are you alone here? I can help. Just tell me what to do, and I will assist you as best I can.”

“Do you have any sort of medical training?” Rick started to argue, but then the deer in his arms turned its head towards him, and he almost dropped her. “What the hell?” he asked. The deer stared back at him with human eyes and a pained expression on an almost human face, but with the face of a deer mixed with it. “What kind of creature is this?” Despite his shock and confusion, he automatically kept walking towards the operating room. Whatever he held in his arms, he had to help the poor thing.

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Website: https://authorsherivelarde.weebly.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorSheriVelarde


Halfway There

I’ve been doing NaNoWriMo this year. Nothing like being inspired in the middle of a pandemic. In all honesty it’s been easier this year, which is strange. November has always been a busy month, but birthdays were spent at home nd there isn’t anything that needs to be planned.

I feel bad for my son but he got to see his friends, thanks to being at school, which is more than the kids who celebrated birthdays over the summer.

I’m pretty confident I’ll hit 50k by the end of the month. The Rachel Valentine series is made up of novellas so book 3 will be the longest. Then I have another idea. An idea fans of Henry will love. At least I hope.