Wednesday Snippets


Welcome back to my corner of the website. Today I’ll be posting another snippet from ‘The Dark of the Moon’ and thought that this would be the perfect time to introduce Henry.



My instincts finally kick in. A brief flash of fear fills me, and I hit him in the one weak spot every man shares. He doubles over and squeaks, giving me precious few seconds to run to the safety of the motel.

Chapter Five

My lungs burn. My heart beats with a sped of a freight train, leaving my ribs feeling bruised. What the hell is happening? Do I have victim written across my forehead? Hello, I can’t actually defend myself, please prey on me? Or did everyone take crazy pills this morning? Out of the frying pan and into the fire. It’s just my luck. At least it happened close to the motel. I don’t know the city well enough not to get lost. I nearly fall with a skid as I turn the corner and run up the garden path. The front door is within arm’s reach.

“Will you stop?” The voice is a little strained. It’s followed with a heavy hand on my shoulder. No man should be able to move that fast after I kicked him so hard his future children will be bruised. Most men would be searching for the nearest icepack.

My options are limited. I stop, thinking about what to do next. It isn’t a firm grip. I duck down,  leaving him holding air. Twirling on the balls of my feet, I pull back my fist crouched down low. He reaches down, grabs it in mid-swing


Available to buy at Amazon or off the publishers website


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