Runaways is now available for the Nook

Yep, you read that right. I’ve finally managed to figure out Nook Press, which wasn’t exactly as hard as I thought it might be. I want to put a shout out to Valerie Douglas, ( who told me the site I needed to go through.

SO if you haven’t read Runaways, which has been described as a great blend of Heroes, Nikita and Alias, now you can add it to your nook.

Here’s a taste of the first chapter.

The whole room smelt of unwashed bodies and cigarette smoke. Every time I arrived at the place that kept my pay check hostage, a part of me died inside. Hell, I’d have preferred being strapped into a chair with a one-eyed drunk dentist. The dancers strutted across the stages moving to a steady under beat of music. The eyes of men half hidden by shadow and smoke watched them with hungry eyes.
The whole place made my skin crawl. I moved around the people who crowded near the stage. How did I end up in a place like this? A question I’d asked myself a lot but it only had one answer, choices and my lack of them. I scowled over my shoulder as someone brushed their hand against my jean clad butt. The urge to break the fingers of the drunk man nearly overwhelmed me. Even in the dark, he caught the murderous look in my eyes. He spluttered out an apology as I stalked away.
Fluent in three languages and able to assemble a sniper rifle blindfolded, and here I served beers to men whose eyes never strayed too far from my chest. The price for invisibility. To fade into the background like a chameleon. I didn’t want to be dragged out of bed by my past one night.
A few of the regulars sat at the bar, crowded on either side by more men waving money. They were the ones who came for the drinks and not much else. They were all different. The only thing they shared was the same expression. The sign above the door read The Golden Eagle but it really needed, a place where dreams come to die, written underneath it. The girls who worked the poles and small stages wore G-strings so thin, dental floss had more substance. The ones who waited on the tables didn’t wear much more.
I ducked under the counter. From the slightly vacant look the staff sported, it hadn’t been a good night, but if I managed to get through the shift without wanting to put a bullet into someone, I considered it to be a victory.
“Is it too much to ask that we keep the beer stocked? You know we’re a bar, we should at least have the basics?” A voice cut through the noise. I didn’t even have to glance across to recognize the snarky tones of my roommate.
“People didn’t come here to hear you complain.” Another one of the bartenders snapped back.
Nicki snorted. “Yeah, they came for beer. It doesn’t look like they’re going to be getting much of that either.”

Three Magpies Press

Yep, there is a link in this blog post and this post has been updated. I tried to do it on my phone and for some reason my phone and wordpress aren’t on speaking terms.

A few months ago I got talking to Erin and Wendy, my fellow magpies. I’d been interested in self publishing for a while but I don’t know about you the idea terrified me a little. The publishing world is filled with pit falls and murky waters and without my magpies I’m sure I still wouldn’t have dipped my toe in. The fear is good. It makes you want to put your best work out there. Though you know that not everyone will like your work.

Now back to that link at the top. The three magpie press page is home to Me, Wendy and Erin it has all our books, self published and with publishers. It would mean a lot for me if you checked what was up there. We all write different genres so I know you’ll find something you love.

An Update

It’s after 11pm and yep I’m tired after chasing after my son all day so please excuse any errors. I wanted to give you guys an update, Dark of the Moon is hopefully being released next month. This is actually a rerelease but don’t let that put you off. The story has been heavily edited and had 6k added to it. Its stronger for the change. I sent in the line edits today, the blurb, excerpt and I’m just focusing on getting my bio done.

There will be a lot more stories coming out under the name Samantha Allard, mostly young adult or new adult, probably all paranormal. I hope you’re all looking forward to reading them.