Three Magpies Press

Yep, there is a link in this blog post and this post has been updated. I tried to do it on my phone and for some reason my phone and wordpress aren’t on speaking terms.

A few months ago I got talking to Erin and Wendy, my fellow magpies. I’d been interested in self publishing for a while but I don’t know about you the idea terrified me a little. The publishing world is filled with pit falls and murky waters and without my magpies I’m sure I still wouldn’t have dipped my toe in. The fear is good. It makes you want to put your best work out there. Though you know that not everyone will like your work.

Now back to that link at the top. The three magpie press page is home to Me, Wendy and Erin it has all our books, self published and with publishers. It would mean a lot for me if you checked what was up there. We all write different genres so I know you’ll find something you love.


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