Release Week

I’ve got a new release this week. 19th February will see my steampunk novella ‘Heartless’ published via Steamworks Ink. Originally this manuscript was supposed to be for another publisher and while I’m upset that it fell through, I’m glad the story isn’t just going to gather dust in one of my folders. I’m sure every writer has something similar. The stories that are half finished because either the muse stopped wanting to play ball or life got in the way.

Today my dad, who is a jack of all trades, gave me a steampunk themed pen and coffee coaster. Unfortunately I left them at his which is actually the norm for me. I usually leave one thing or another. Last time it was biscuits. His words to me as he handed it to me was ‘Write something great with this.’ Not too much pressure.

Here’s the blurb for ‘Heartless’ I’m also running a giveaway to celebrate the release so I’ll post a link to that here as well.


A Killer Stalks the Streets.

Simone LeBeau is fearless. A messenger for the Hermes Guild, she travels via the rooftops delivering letters and parcels with the grace of a freed bird. A guardian to a small orphaned girl. The constant cause of concern to a former messenger with mechanic legs. Simone does what she has to do to survive in a world where the citizens of Dark Town are being murdered by a killer called the Heart Thief.

Then she’s caught up in a situation she can’t control. The Heart Thief murders a woman footsteps away from Simone’s front door. No-one else seems interesting in finding justice for her or any of the other victims.

But what happens when the killer turns his attention to someone close to Simone?

I hope you can join the event. The more the merrier.



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