New Releases from Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly

My latest, a steampunk story was released by a branch of Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly called Steamwork Inks and I wanted to share the latest releases by a group of talented writers.

Blood of Shadows from Mariana Thorn


War is coming to the Three Kingdoms, Malna, Zockii and Tirllyn.
Attacks along the borders are growing more frequent. Innocent people are dying. Princess Malayna and the rest of the elite fighters known as the Shadows are tasked with investigating and relocating the people, and rumors of a traitor among the Shadows has Layna stretched to her limits.
When she is paired with Kester, a partner she never wanted, she finds herself learning to trust and survive in more ways than she even knew existed.
With lives at stake, Malayna must find a way to catch the traitor, protect her people and guard her heart, because someone she loves may not live to see tomorrow…

Joey’s Choice from Piper Kay


Seventeen year old, Joey wakes every morning dreading what the day ahead may have in store for him. High School sucks and so does the jerk and his pack of bullies who live to torture him. When Joey feels there is no hope left and no chance at having peace, there’s only one choice left. He’s sure the people he cares about would be better off without him anyway. Things happen for a reason, and when Luc steps in, Joey’s faced with two decisions. What will Joey’s choice be?

Shee from M. S. Brown


Faeries are not just creatures of legend, but powerful beings far older than humans. From behind a web of magic they have molded our destinies, toyed with our minds and even kidnapped our children. The Faerie Queen, and by far the most powerful, is corrupted by her power. She has no intention of giving up the throne to the rightful heir.
Colleen is just your average girl in college, or is she? Following a hunch that her fiancé is in trouble, she discovers that she is surrounded by dark and powerful magic. Will time run out before Colleen’s true nature is discovered or will life as we know it be destroyed?

 All of these can be found on amazon.

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