Put Some Magic In Your Gears


My story ‘Broken Wings’ is featuring in Steamworks Ink’s anthology ‘Tales of the Fairy’. The cover reveal is on the 15th, I hope to see you there. There will be prizes and it’ll be a great time to get to know the writers on a more personal setting. It’ll be an event not to be missed.



Never before have magic and machines come together in such a way as brought to you by the sixteen authors, poets, and artists of this collaboration. When the world of the Fae meets Steampunk, all things are possible and there are no limits to the places you will visit, the creatures you will meet, and the technology that you will discover. Put a little magic in your gears and open up your minds and hearts as you enter the world of Steampunk Fairies.

Contributing Authors

Lexi Ostrow-Author

Samantha Allard

Andrea L. Staum- Author

Kristin Snyder

Emma Michaels

Michael Cross

Beth Patterson

Michelle Cornwell-Jordan

Author – Nicole L Daffurn

Audrey Gibson

Author/Editor Stephen T. De Marino

KC Finn

CL McCollum

Catherine Stovall

Author Samantha Ketteman

Jeannette Joyal

I hope to see you there 🙂


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