Runaways Update

Evening from the UK.

I’m writing this on a tablet so excuse me for any spelling mistakes, I really need to buy a keyboard for this thing. Any way back to the point. Runaways is no longer up on Amazon, it’s currently with Sandra Sookoo,  who besides being a kick butt writer also runs her own editing service. It’s being polished and expanded. I promise that it’ll be back up soon with a shiny new cover. Now why am I redoing the story after its already been released? It’s simple. I’m working on the sequel and since it has been such a long time, I figured I owned it to my readers, old and possibly new to give them something extra. Runaways will go up for free for a couple of weeks, not Kindle Unlimited free but completely free for everyone. In June I will be releasing  The Mischief Paradox, the continuing adventures of my telekinetic assassin.

The next step is to have some covers made up.

The idea is to update this site more regularly. The last few months haven’t been great and I’ve let things slip. New day job. Bugs. Not getting off my butt to do it. I really can’t blame anyone else but me. So I plan on taking the tablet out with me. It should make blogging easier.

Now I just need to think of blog post ideas (goes off to ponder)


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