An Update

I got the edits back from Runaway and besides the fact they made me want to curl up in a ball and cry, because seriously that was a lot of red, I can see how the story will be better for it. Sandra Sookoo is definitely a editor I will use again. So what have I been doing this week?

I’ve been scouring stock photo places for new cover art. Most of the prices of cover artists are out of my price range and I’m far from a professional. I have at least one artist in mind but it might take a couple of months to get the money together. The story will be going up  but I’m not sure when.

The publisher of The Dark of the Moon is closing, which means I’ve got the rights back. Now ignore everything I said about not doing my own cover art.  For this one I have found the perfect picture, seriously I love it.  I’m thinking of rebranding,  so the theme of this cover will carry onto the rest of the series. It will also have a new title.

It’s always a shame when a publisher closes it’s doors for whatever reason. I had my own reasons for wanting the rights back but it has left a lot of writers unsure about what to do next. I will be self publishing the titles. That really isn’t even a question for me. My more adult titles are also being put up under my pen name and I have a plan for those as well. When left hands you lemons or a mean left hook, sometimes it’s best to roll with the punches and then deliver one of your own.

Happy Wednesday.


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