Are we ready for a superheroine?

Good Morning World.

I woke up this morning. (This might be a long winded way of getting to the point) My feet hurt, my legs ached. The joys of having a day job that require me to spend a lot of time on my feet. Anyway I rolled over in bed and turned the alarm off (A few minutes before it actually goes off) and looked at YouTube. I have my subscriptions, Gamespot, Emergency Awesome, ComicbookGirl19 and FunHaus. Since it’s coming up to the season finales for a majority of the programs I love I usually watch Charlie’s Emergency Awesome series first.

Then I saw it.

The Supergirl Trailer.

I really am in two minds about it. I think it has potential, maybe not a long run series but definitely three seasons. Is it a Cash cow? Possibly. Do we need female superhero lead TV series? Absolutely. You’ve got Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow (The ensemble cast that still leans heavily towards the male characters since there is only two female characters.). I grew up in the time of Buffy and Alias. Slayers and Spies. There are a lot of Female lead characters in Young adult Books, Katniss Everdeen, Tris Prior and Meghan Chase. So why not on television?

Kara Danvers has pervious hidden her abilities, in the trailer we see that she works for Cat Grant as an Assistant. She’s got the geeky part down pat but where this was a conscious decision made by her Cousin Clark Kent I believe that is actually the kind of person Kara is. A girl hit with insecurities, who keeps a part of herself hidden because she’s scared of what people might think of her. She has a lot to live up to. Her only real family is the world’s greatest superhero. Her adoptive sister is a doctor and the thing that would make her just as great would be embracing her powers, letting the world know she exists.

She reminds me of season one felicity Smoak from I can picture that her progression would involve her becoming more comfortable in her abilities. In the trailer she doesn’t even know that she can fly since she’s never tried it before. Though she’s seen superman do it, she isn’t brave enough to try it herself. It is only when her sister is in trouble that she pushes herself to save her and the plane she’s on. The whole thing reminds me of arrow and flash so I wasn’t surprised to find that the writers on it have worked on both of those shows. I think that will only help this series. The male lead DC shows have a strong following so why not this one? The only worry I have is, the market is getting over statured with superheroes, there’s a teen titans live action show on the horizon as well. Which raises a interesting question….

When will we hit burn out?

There are a lot of characters in the trailer. The New Jimmy (James) Olsen, who works with superman and is a potential love interest for Kara. Cat Grant who worked at the daily Planet in the comics and now runs Catco, a Media Conglomerate. Winslow Schott, who is the ToyMaker in the comics and helps Kara design her costume in the six minute trailer. Hank Henshaw is the Cyborg Superman in the comics and the head of the Department of Extra-Normal Operations in the television show. I think there is potential for the character to become the next Harrison wells (Eobard Thawne) someone who at first works with the hero to then become an enemy.

So what did you think of the trailer???

What are you looking forward to seeing more, Legends of Tomorrow or Supergirl? I’m really torn between the two so hopefully they’ll premier on different nights.

Night from the UK.


Broken Wings: Tales of the Fairies 2 (Steampunk edition)

Good Morning World.

I’ve just dropped my son off at school and instead of sneaking in a crafty nap since I have work later. I’ve decided that an update is required. Tomorrow is the release day for Tales of the Fairies 2 (Steampunk edition). It features a lot of different stories, poems and drawings by some talented writers, poets and artists. I’m honoured to have a story included.

I hope you get a chance to read it. I’ll be posting links when they go live.