New Contract

Good evening from the UK.

It’s been a long time since I updated last. In truth there hasn’t been much to say. I’ve been working hard at the day job in a different department to cover someone’s trip out of the UK. This week I’m back at my normal job. 19 hours instead of 22 and I’ve also got a freelancer job which ends on Wednesday.

But back to the point, the contract. A call out went out from Steamwork Inks, the publisher who released Heartless. They were looking for stories for their popular Cogs anthology. I have to admit it hasn’t been easy to get my muse in gear. I write under two names and my alter-ego has a lot more stories out but that’s a different story for a different time.

The Escape is a prequel story to Heartless. You don’t have to read either of the stories  first as both work on their own.