Writer’s Block

As you can tell from the title I have writer’s block. I have started a few stories but nothing has been clicking. It all honesty it’s like I’ve forgotten how to do it.

I enjoy writing. I can’t imagine my life not doing this but something hasn’t been clicking for awhile. I put a lot of pressure on myself but I guess some things just take a lot more out of me. At least the house is tidying. I found some mould and cleaned that. All the laundry is done. Coffee consumed. I have a lot of possible stories to work on. Looming deadlines and all that. It’s currently raining, hell that’s perfect writing weather for me.

So why can’t I write?

Maybe I’ll figure it out or I might just end up wishing for it to be different. I know people change but I refuse for this to be the thing that does. I’ve been writing for years. I don’t want to change that.