Photo #1


Hello from my corner of the world.

I have a lot of things in common with my dad but things are complicated or terribly simple however you want to look at it. Anyway he plans on giving me all of his camera things. There is a lot of stuff there and now it’s all about finding the time to take pictures,  which is something I do a lot more than write these days. I’ve taken maybe three hundred so far in two weeks. The first few were terrible. My dad suggested I read the manual, which I didn’t do until a week had passed.

Then I talked to my dad and what can I say, when I hear it from him it sinks in.

Go figure.

So anyway I went for a walk today, a little off the beaten path and took some pictures. Found some rabbits who didn’t want to play for the camera. Then I ended up heading to work. We have a little magpie problem so I got a picture of the handsome bird. I plan on taking more tomorrow, I’m going to my dad’s on the train so look for a black and white landscape on the blog.


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