Tuesday Tease

Good morning world 🙂

Every week a group of writers get together, find suitable pictures and write 200 words about it. This is the first one on this site. Please make sure to visit the other pages below by clicking the link.

Halloween night on the spooky meadow. Abstract holidays backgrou
Halloween night on the spooky meadow. Abstract holidays backgrounds

She ran until the sound of the modern world disappeared. Cars were replaced with birds. Exhaust fumes faded to the smell of wild flowers. She skidded to a stop. Twigs broke under her feet. How far had she run? She didn’t think she’d been that far in the wood before. Her grandmother had warned her. Never run without a destination in mind when you run into the woods. You never know who you’ll meet. Her lungs hurt in her chest. Her eyes raw from tears that she swore she wouldn’t shed. Her grandmother had told her stories about the wood. The fairy circles. The creatures that called it home. The spirits. At the time she’d ignored her words of warning but now? In the quiet of the wood how hard could it be to believe in something more?

She held her breath as she walked deeper into the wood. Leaves of warm green brushed against her face. She didn’t feel scared. No, a part of her felt like she’d found home. A true home. It didn’t make any sense. It had just been a long day. College. The funeral. Who could blame her for wanting more?

“Hello Isabel.”




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