A little off topic. 

I’m not the most prolific writer. Even when I wrote full time a few years ago, had to give up the day job at the time because a ruptured spinal disc and a bar job only went together in a world of ouch, I didn’t seem to accomplish much. Sure I wrote stories, mostly shorts or a novella but I hadnt found my stride, or my genre. For those who know me or the pen name I write under. I write multiple genres. It can get complicated entertaining the different muses vying for attention. Pick me. Pick me. Or destroying when none of them want anything to do with me. Quite a few times I’ve thought of retiring from a genre. I’m might still do that. I’ve been thinking about some of my old story ideas. The ones I came up with at college, the second time I went, not the first. The dreams that still haunt me. The thing is the stories under my own name don’t sell that well. Not as well as the ones under the pen name which is maybe a reason I’m finding it hard to retire her. She has fans, well some. I have people, a publisher, an editor and one fan that I really know of who likes the stories I publish under my own name. If hasn’t escaped my knowledge the irony of this moment, it’s a uphill battle and I’m currently walking up a hill (on my way to the day job). If I retire the penname it would give me more time to focus on building this brand. My back catologue. Maybe steampunk will come back into fashion. Maybe my paranormal adventure  will do really well. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. The only thing I can do is try and that’s the only thing we all can do. The only way we succeed is if we try. 

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