A little bit of everything. 

It’s half term. For those people who are parents it means entertaining your little ones. This is also on top of everything you do when they are at school. A few things get left for a couple of weeks. Other things you try to enclued your child in. Since my dad died I started to run. It’s a way to quiet my mind and not to linger on all the things that make me sad. I’m signing up for a survival run, GEAR and my Race for Life number came through a few days ago. I went from being a girl who walked everywhere to a girl who laced up a pair of trainers and ran three to four times a week. That really boggled my mind. It boggles my mind more to realise I enjoy it. It’s hard but I get a real sense of achievement from it. Anyway back to the point. I have a routine and I can mostly keep at it even when Nathan’s not a school. This half term I’ve taken him on a few short runs, half a mile, at his pace. 

It’s been interesting. Unfortunately my son is more into his games. He has said that he’ll go out with me again, so maybe all isn’t lost. 

I haven’t been able to do photography but that’s something I hope to pick up again when he gets back to school. My dad left me his lenses. It would feel right to let them gather dust. 

There hasn’t been much time for writing either. I squeeze in editing when I can. Since everythings that happened I haven’t been able to get back into the swing of things. I talked to my dad about my stories and it’s not possible to find someone who did the same thing he did. Who I could talk to about anything and everything. 

Maybe I can update my page with new releases sooner rather than later. I do miss writing. 


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