When something doesn’t go to plan. 

It’s been a rough couple of days. My running routine has gone out of the window because I didn’t listen to my body and I’ve managed to hurt myself. It’s time to heal up and hopefully I’ll be out on Sunday. The race I’m doing is next Sunday and I’m not filled with any amount of hope that I’ll be able to do it. At least not the way I want to. 

Last week I retired my penname. The name I write romance under. It wasn’t an easy decision to come to but it’s one I intend to stick to. It doesn’t mean I plan on giving up writing those kinds of stories. Far from it but now I will own it completely. 

New stories are hard to come by. I haven’t been feeling up to creating anything new for awhile. Running has been my escape. The thing I do to escape all the pain and heartache because if I’m thinking of putting one foot in front of other I’m not lingering on the pain. 

I’m not giving up though. One day I’ll write something new. Could be next week or next month that I’m hit with an awesome idea that won’t leave me until I get words on paper. I’m hoping its sooner rather than later. I miss writing. 

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