#sexysnippets Her Stone Angel #wip

well it’s been a busy day and I’ve missed the sexy snippets deadline by about ten minutes. Oops. I started writing a new story last week and I’m going to share my snippet from that. It’s going to be a Cupid’s Conquest story, my alter-ego wrote a story for that line a few years ago (http://www.evernightpublishing.com/irish-kisses-by-ella-grey/).

Strands of curls and the cut of his body, defined and mesmerizing. Mila sighed. I need to get out more. Start hanging out with guys, men with a pulse and who can actually talk back to me. “I’ll be back in a minute with my things. I think the sooner I get in contact with mum and go along with her blind-date idea, the better.” Theseus didn’t answer her, which was reassuring. She might fantasize about him but the moment she started to imagine him talking to her, she might have a real problem.


Do check out the other Authors participating today, and why not join us next week? Sexy Snippets are seven sexy sentences taken from a work in progress or published work.

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