Nano…it begins

For those in the know Nano begins today, the 1st of November. For those not in the know, Nano stands for National Novel Writing Month…the whole form of it is NaNoWriMo but to keep the strain off my fingers we’ll just call it Nano which reminds me of a robot failing its arms going Nano Nano. Sorry it’s Tuesday morning and like the day before I haven’t had much sleep or coffee and I’m currently on my way to the day job for overtime because Christmas is round the corner and that doesn’t pay for itself.

Nano hasn’t never been very easy for me. I write short stories or novellas. Novels are a beast I haven’t conquered yet. The last three attempts for this month failed but fourth times the charm and all that. This year I have a plan. Well, when I say plan I mean a story that needs to be written and I’m also going to attempt to update my blog every day to hold myself accountable. 

The two stories that I released were old stories that I got the rights back to and I haven’t found my focus yet but Moon, needs a sequel and the only way that’ll happen is it I write it. So wish me luck? I think I’m going to need it. 

November 1st: Total word count: 0 (I will be getting to it after the overtime shift)


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