A New/Old Release

I’ve tried to do the self-published route before but decided that I wasn’t ready for it. I think to self-publish anything you need a thick skin and a bit of money behind you for editors and cover artists. Broken Wings was published last year as part of Steamworks Inks Cogs in Time #3 anthology. It was edited by the talented Catherine Stowell so it didn’t need a new set of eyes.

The most difficult part was finding a cover. I lost count of the hours I spent trying to find something suitable. I downloaded photoshop last year and practised a lot but I still couldn’t figure it out. Then (cues dramatic music) everything clicked into place and I came up with this.

I was really impressed how it turned out. It also helps with branding my steampunk stories. When I figured out this cover, the cover for Broken Wings was easy to come up.

The Escape is a prequel to Heartless and is set in my Guild world. For those who loved Simone LeBeau, this tells her background and why she ended up in London. The cover looks a little dark on my tablet but lighter on a phone. Odd. It’s still striking and definitely screams steampunk to me. It’s a unique niche. Hell, it might be a dying genre but this was a story that needed to be told. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be releasing Broken Wings and Wings, which I’ll be renaming…Also, I need to work on a cover for that…that’s my plan for the weekend.




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