A little bit about me


The little girl with the cat trying to escape her arms is me. Before those pesky allergies hit her. I’m pretty sure I’m about nine or ten in the photo. My son is probably a little older than I was. The only thing which hasn’t changed is my love for red shoes. Cool boots, little Sam.

Little Sam loved to read books. The greatest threat for her was for her books to be taken away from her. The joys of essentially being the middle child in the house. I was found with my head in-between the pages of a book so often that I was nicknamed Bookworm. Was it any surprise that I went into writing?

When Buffy the Vampire Slayer started I had a good idea I wanted to write about heroines who didn’t need a hero to save the day. Like Katniss Everdeen because she had two guys vying for her attention? Well Buffy came first with Angel and Spike. In the end she didn’t need either of them to save the world.

sjdhf Borrowed from Pinterest

Buffy inspired 16 year old me. What inspires me now? Dungeons and Dragons. Superheroes. Each of my stories feature strong heroines which I hope inspires the future generations of writers.

Little Sam in the cute red boots would be proud.


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